Our Mission

To be the leading resource in creating high performing and engaged work environments for our customers by providing innovative solutions, and unique programs to help drive organizational success to meet your business objectives by:

  • Driving initiatives for our customers to attract, develop & retain the best talent;
  • Delivering the best HR solutions for our customers to manage and grow their business; and
  • Inspiring employee engagement and recognizing employee contributions to the business.

Our Values

  • Focus on driving the success of our customer's business
  • Hire & retain the best people and accept nothing less
  • Do what is right, not what is easy
  • Eliminate bureaucracy by creating workflows and methods to accomplish objectives
  • Continuously evaluate plans and progress; enhance what is working and change what is not
  • Act positively and professionally with the end customer at the forefront

Not All HR Professionals are Equal

You need a team with sound and practical business sense who can blend professional expertise to real world work challenges.  We have a solid reputation of doing just that with an upbeat and positive approach!

Our reputation says it all

“The consummate professionals and experts in human resources, Monica and her team helped us build a ground-up HR infrastructure within our organization, and facilitated our transition through a merger. Monica, herself, is upbeat, pleasant and direct, and works incredibly quickly. Communication with me regarding the scope of work was exemplary”.

 – Barbara, President – FHPC/UPMC

"I have worked frequently with Monica and her teams over the years.  She is wonderful...the right blend of expertise and practical judgment."

-Bob, Senior Employment Counsel - Law Firm

“You would be surprised how many times I reference something HR Help4You LLC did or left with our team and company. Your signature lives on with us in the programs and processes that you designed.” 

– Bill, VP HR – Respironics

“Our cross-functional operations team was fairly defensive and concerned about the idea of making changes to our regulatory/quality training program when I first indicated that an outsourced service would be leading the process. Because of this, I didn’t know if the project would get off the ground. It’s clear to me that after you met with us a few times, any concerns or defensiveness that our internal team may have had was gone and they are pretty exciting about the project now. Most of this change in perspective is attributed to your calming demeanor and the way that you’ve been able to relate to the challenges that they have had working in support of the training program in the past. Thank you again for all of your help.” 

– Rob, Director QA – Renal Solutions, Inc.

“In the three plus years that I have interacted with Monica, she has displayed a proficiency in the field of employee benefit insurance offerings. Some of the scope of projects she successfully led with her team and us included a redesign of all employee benefit offerings, as well as the challenge to keep costs both to the employees, as well as to the organization, at a static level during a corporate acquisition. I am happy to convey that the consistent effort and expertise demonstrated led to success on both accords. In all aspects of our collaboration, I experienced nothing but friendliness, flexibility and sound business sense. HR Help4You LLC would be an excellent asset to any organization”. 

– John, VP – Seubert & Associates

“I consider Monica to be my greatest mentor. Her vast knowledge of HR Law, best practices, employee engagement and retention, talent acquisition and benefits are superior. She is a great communicator, easy to work with and well respected. I hope to work with her again someday.” 

– Michele, HR Coordinator – Dicks Sporting Goods

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