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Not sure if you need HR pros to lead your staffing efforts, but know you need help?  We do both!  But, we understand that t is difficult when you need to hire an employee.  You have to post a job opening, then wonder if your ad is good enough, and then find out if anyone applies, and then you get bogged down with other work matters that distract you from quickly filling the job.   Do you realize that people aren’t just applying to your job? There are so many jobs per applicant that you need to appear attractive to them.  What better way to do that than responding fast and having an entirely automated process? 

Our partnership applicant tracking system (ATS)  is a centralized location where you can store all important job and candidate information. You can automate time consuming and redundant tasks, including candidate self-scheduling.  It integrates with other HRIS tools you may be relying on and improves the job efficiency of you and your team.  Reduce your operating costs and time to hire, by using JazzHR through our partnership.  

staffing, recruiting, ATS, hiring, JazzHR, HR
staffing, recruiting, ATS, hiring, JazzHR, HR


Develop Your Best Assets - Your People

In this competitive labor market, you have to ensure your team is tops!  By investing in the skills, knowledge and abilities of your employees, you will differentiate your talent for future business challenges.  

HR Help4You is proud to be an Authorized Partner Wiley's Everything DiSC® product portfolio.  We are one of only a few of Pittsburgh's Authorized Everything DiSC Partners® and Certified DiSC Trainers®, and can provide assessments, trainings or both!  The assessments and workshops offer end-to-end learning experiences that have an immediate and lasting impact on the performance of people and the cultures of organizations.

We can train your internal HR teams, conduct workshops for your staff, or simply provide the assessments as an authorized distributor.

Assessment, PI, DiSC, training, retain, leadership, culture
Assessment, PI, DiSC, training, retain, leadership, culture



Be an employment destination!

What is your 'brand'? Do you have what it takes to get people in the door, and make them want to stay?  What is your company doing that makes it stand out and be unique so you get the best of the best people working with you?  We will help you get there!

We can customize a solution for you!

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